Back to School Blues

Back to School means a variety of stressful situations for children of all ages. Imagiine starting a new Job every fall. Who will you know? Will your boss be nice? How hard will your new job be? These are just a few comparisons of what your child may be feeling.

What can you do?

Wake your child up a half hour earlier then needed each morning so that NO RUSHING is happening prior to their leaving for school. Let them have plenty of time to get ready in a calm and stress free environment. Do a different yoga breath before your child leaves for school to practice on the bus or in the car that day or even at their desk. Provide a healthy, hearty breakfast versus a sugar filled one.

Suggested Back to School Yoga Breath for younger students: A,B,C Breath: Breathe in, breathe out as you say "A", Breathe in, breathe out as you say "B", continue as long aas needed in the alphabet

Older students: Inhale and exhale a vowel each time: "A, E, I, O, U"



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